Four Actors, Three Chairs, Two Throw Pillows and a Gun


Four actors up on stage.

Get to know them. They’ve each got their own story. Their own hopes and dreams.

What else? Three chairs to sit on. Two throw pillows as props. A wide range of roles for each of the four actors to play across a handful of one-act shorts – all in one, fun-filled evening.

Where will that get them (or you, for that matter)?

The simple answer: Anywhere.

Come along, won’t you?

Two miles underground in a nuclear missile silo in Oklahoma.

To a Billionaires’ tropical island retreat in the Maldives.

In a get-away car right after a daring bank heist.

For a duel-at-dawn in a Weehawken meadow in the 1830s.

We did say anywhere…

What are we forgetting?

Oh, yeah.

A gun.

The great Russian Playwright Anton Chehov famously wrote “One must never place a loaded rifle on stage if it isn’t going to go off.”

We’ll be the judge of that.   😉


First and foremost, thanks in advance for your time and talent!

4,3,2, Gun was written with you – the actor – in mind: As a showcase for a range of skills that traditional narratives don’t generally offer. Something you can really sink your teeth into.

Each of the four main roles (four actors in a local theater troupe) are made up of five separate parts: the roles those actors play in five stand-alone, one-act “shorts”.

Those one-act shorts cover a lot of ground.

Low comedy and high drama. Different accents and attitudes: romance and rage, hilarity and terror. Some singing, a little dancing.

In a nut shell: you’ll be an actor (you!), playing an actor, playing a handful of different parts.

Most of your time will be spent on stage, but some of it will be out in the audience, actively engaging theater-goers in the show so that the line between “them” and “us” is blurred.

The goal of 4,3,2, Gun is to tip over the cart of expectations…to have our audience genuinely not know what to expect next.

Best of all? It’s a new work. So, we’ll be building it together.

You up for that? We hope so!

Check out the cast description below and see how / where you fit in.

Request a copy of the play and get a good look at the whole.

Visit the WIT’s End Theater for an audition:

Tuesday, March 12th at 6PM

Saturday, March 16th at 1PM

Email:   432gun@gmail.com   to RSVP / ask questions

Join the countdown: 4…3…2… Gun.


Benjamin                              40 up

BENJAMIN is a self-appointed Theater Snob: Classically trained, thirsty for attention and hungry for scenery-to-chew. He’s also surprisingly supportive of his younger castmates (there’s a big heart under all that schmaltz). BEN is the engine of the troupe.

Connie                                  Early 30s-ish

CONNIE is a hardcore fan of realist drama (Tennessee Williams, Eugene O’Neill) and is driven to succeed as an actress – but her tough exterior doesn’t completely eclipse her soft, creamy, nougat center. CONNIE is the soul of the troupe.

Brian                                    Early 20s-ish

BRIAN is new to acting. He joined the theater troupe to take his mind off a break-up with his childhood sweetheart. A loose-limbed extrovert, Brian belongs on a stage. He could use more seasoning, though. Brian is the troupe’s Court Jester.

Gabby                                    Early 20s-ish

When in character, GABBY has a ferociously self-confident stage presence. When onstage without the costume of character to hide behind, though, she’s a meek, terrified, wreck. Gabby is the troupe’s kid sister.

               Mark or Marcie (Sound Guy or Girl)              Any age / Gender

“Mark” is a darkly-cynical, back-of-the-house, ripped-jeans-and-Anthrax-tee-shirted A/V guy (or girl) who works the sound and lighting board. When he / she’s not commenting wryly over the PA system, he / she begrudgingly takes the stage when the cast calls on him / her to fill in. Mark is the troupe’s “voice of snark”.

               Man / Woman on Cell Phone                         Any age / Gender

While looking like your average audience member, this guy / girl keeps interrupting the show by taking calls on his / her cell phone. “Man / Woman on Cell Phone” is the troupe’s Nemesis.

If needing additional information please email cass613@gmail.com