Ten 10-minute plays will be staged with a panel of judges selecting the BEST WRITTEN PLAY and you, the audience, selecting BEST STAGED PLAY. Winning playwrights receive a $100 honorarium. If the same playwright is selected for both, they will receive $200.

Our festival will now take place at WIT’s End in our 60-seat home at the centrally located Kukui Grove Center. The layout is much more intimate than previous years, air conditioned, patrons can now enjoy food and drink during each performance and plenty of parking opportunities.


THERE’S NEW LIFE by Marj O’Neill-Butler (Miami Beach) … Directed by Nicole Cowan

WANNABE by Shelley Stolaroff Segal (Greensboro, NC) … Directed by Morgan Liddell

OMG by Wil Welsh (Lihue) … Directed by Nell Foster

LETTERS FROM STRANGERS by Rob Nisbet (London) … Directed by Tamara Jefferies

KEEPSAKE by Peggy Powell (San Francisco area) … Directed by Wilbur Keith, MD.

MEETING OF THE MINDby Diane Nichols (Ashland, OR) … Directed by Cass Foster

THE INTERVIEW by Patrice Hamilton (Plantsville, CT) … Directed by Nell Foster

BATTLE OF THE FRONT SEAT by Rex McGregor (Auckland, NZ) … Directed by Wilbur Keith, MD.

RING OF TRUTH by Marsha Roberts (San Francisco area)… Directed by Morgan Liddell

A NEW NORMAL  by Morgan Liddell (Kapaa) … Directed by Cass Foster

Play Dates:

Fri Aug 16, 2019     7:00 PM
Sat Aug 17, 2019     7:00 PM
Sun Aug 18, 2019    4:00 PM
Thu Aug 22, 2019    7:00 PM
Fri Aug 23, 2019     7:00 PM
Sat Aug 24, 2019     7:00 PM
Sun Aug 25, 2017    4:00 PM

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